Youth for change launches knowledge sharing event

At Ebhar Foundation for Childhood and Creativity, 7 September 2010, Development House Organization in collaboration with Bibliotheca Alexandrina and TakingItGlobal have conducted a workshop to exhibit projects and experience of some successful youth especially those who have gotten the grants from Youth for Change in Yemen in the following governorate of Sana’a, Aden, and Taiz. During this workshop, the youth exhibited and explained their success and difficulties they encountered during implementing their projects.

Pointed that part of the workshop which titled on “Youth for Change Knowledge Sharing Event” was specified for discussing the role of young youth in social participation. Further Mr. Fathi al-Dhafri facilitated and led this workshop and gave participants some information and background about Youth for change. Moreover, around 30 educated and activist young people attended this workshop “ we conducted this workshop to benefit others especially those who are working efficiently within communities In how to learn some lessons for the experiment and experiences of some successful young people who contribute some good notions help in change our society to better living conditions” Fathi al-Dafri pointed out .

It worth mentioning that Development House (DH) was founded and led by youth expert to respond to civil society needs for supporting organization capacity building and promoting resources and opportunities. HD providing training and consultation services through plenty of training programs, which respond to the needs of the civil society and strengthen its role. Furthermore, DH considers itself the first organization which specialized in New Media “Web 2.0” in Yemen. Further, HD aims to be the pioneer empowering organization to play their role “our organization is aiming to contribute for the social change which serives the society in the end” Fathi al-Dafri has explained.

The “Youth for Change” program aims at inspiring, informing and involving Arab Youth to be Agents of Change in their communities. The phase II of this program focuses on the theme: Global Youth Culture and Participation and was launched in December 2009, through a partnership between TakingITGlobal and Bibliotheca Alexandrina with local organizations in the MENA region. The program aims at encouraging cross cultural dialogue and supporting youth-led development through local projects in 14 priority countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen.

The success of the pilot phase in 2008 demonstrated that much more can be done to support Arab youth to be Agents of Change in their communities, as well as to bring their voices to a global audience; hence the need for this second phase which includes the following components:

Facilitating ongoing cross-cultural dialogue through the use of online community tools and spaces provided by TakingITGlobal and the Info Mall. Organizing interactive live chats to encourage discussion among the program participants. Conducting a Panorama and Global Gallery contest on the theme “Global Youth Culture”. Supporting youth-led action projects through providing mini-grants and a project management e-course that leverages the materials and methodology of the TakingITGlobal Sprout e-course. Organizing knowledge-sharing events to showcase mini-grant winners local projects in cooperation with host organizations in their countries.

Awarding scholarships to potential mini-grant winners to attend the Fifth Arab Youth Forum in Alexandria, Egypt in February 2010 to present their project ideas and share experiences. Providing scholarships to selected award winners to attend the World Youth Congress 2010 to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, in order to receive additional support, training and access to international networks focused on supporting youth-led development.
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