Tactical Tech and The Development House (DH) celebrated their first screening of 10 tactics for turning information into actions

At Ebhar Foundation for Childhood and Creativity, the Development House (DH) and Tactical Tech celebrated theirs first screening and discussion of 10 tactics for turning information into actions” in Yemen on Thursday June 17th, 2010. Around 13 people including young men and women attended this celebration and the discussion seminar.
“This event comes as a result of cooperation between Tactical Tech and The Development House (DH).We aim of this event is to make people, activists, and youth in particular more knowledgeable about new tactics of using new technology and how they would be able to make it applicable in reality and their life as well as society.” Mr. Fathi Al-Dhafri, The senior advisor at Development House in Yemen has stated.
Mr. Fathi has stated that after the screening, we had distributed for the participants the packages which contain DVDs and cards which explain the film of “10 tactics for turning information into action” includes stories from 25 rights advocates worldwide who have effectively used information and digital technologies to create positive change. We also discussed how to think about more effective and how to get some benefits out of this DVD to censure practical ways to enhance social change in Yemen and how to make advocacy for any issue they want to raise a talk about.
Development House (DH) was founded and led by youth expert to respond to civil society needs for supporting, organizational capacity building, and promoting resources and opportunities. DH provides training and consultation services for individuals and organizations through plenty of training programs, which respond to the needs of the civil society and strengthen its role. DH considers itself the first organization which specialized in New Media “Web 2.0” in Yemen. Further, DH aims to be the pioneer in empowering organizations to play their role”
Tactical Tech is an international NGO working at the point where advocacy meets technology, were established in 2003 by a collective of professionals with extensive experience working with NGOs and new technologies. Together, they have developed the unique concept of bringing advocates and technologists together and working in many regions around the world to share expertise. “We use our technical expertise to increase the impact of campaigns in social justice and human rights” Fathi Al-Dhafri has pointed out.
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