Development House launches Info-Activism How-To Guide

Sana’a - Sunday, December 15th, 2013, Development House (DH) launched today its new “Info-Activism How-To Guide" in partnership with the Tactical Tech Collective (TTC). The guide comes as a translation of the English version of which has already produced by TTC as an added value to the Arab library as a Info-Activism How-To Guide which offers strategies and tools for organizing campaigns

The guild is a plan of action for any individual, institution or group considering campaigns for various issues using digital tools and want to learn from these tools or inspiration from the Arab and international experiences and apply them in their local communities. The guide has been developed at three levels of results that planned by the organizers of the campaigns: to raise awareness about the issue with the public, to get deeply involvement in the issue, or to push the public towards the implementation of an action
This guide is an extension of the specialized and focused work of DH and on the technical aspects and its degree of overlap and its impact on the activism in the field of rights, freedoms and development in Yemen, in addition to its important role in bridging the gap of knowledge in the field of info-Activism thought translation of the most important guilds and books and make them available to the Arab activist with the promise that we will continue in this area and in this different vision from the mainstream in Yemen", said Mr. Nabil Ahmed Al-Khader, DH executive manager

Interested organizations and individuals will be able to obtain a printed copy by sending mail to and this guide will be available on DH website

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