Launching the first electronic map to monitor cases of sexual harassment in the streets of Yemen

Safe Streets campaign against sexual harassment in the streets launches a map to monitor the phenomenon of sexual harassment in the Yemeni streets within the campaign which seeks to reduce this phenomenon that devastate the social cohesion of Yemeni. 

The campaign aims to monitor cases of harassment and encourage the community and women in particular to break the silence and talk about what is happening to them from harassment on the street in order to put pressure on decision makers to develop solutions to this devastating phenomenon of society. 

The campaign media officer, indicated that this e-observatory is working to empower community groups who are against women sexual harassment to report cases from anywhere in Yemen, and can send a short SMS from his/her mobile and/or emails about any harassment incident happened with them or any other person they know.

The map aims to monitor the places with a high incidence of harassment on the streets and the types of harassment. This map is the first step to move and to demand a law to protect women in the streets. It is like a database describes the size of the problem, and to help the policemen to be aware of the streets where the harassment cases are high when they distribute their forces to keep the streets safe from sexuall harassment. 

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